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Blog has moved!

So I can host my games and blog in the one place, I’m in the process of moving everything to HERE.

I’ve been refactoring my mobile JS/Canvas codebase and decided to test it out with a Breakout clone prototype I wrote a year or so ago called ’tiltOut’.

It uses the DeviceOrientation API to allow the Player to control it by tilting their mobile device.

This video shows the particle effects I added.

I bought a domain and I’ll be migrating this blog to the new site very soon.

Having my own domain will mean I can host games and prototypes on the same site as my blog – something I can’t do with wordpress.

I’ve been very bad at keeping this blog updated over the last few months. A lot of my time, unsurprisingly enough was taken up with my day job!

Nonetheless I’ve made what I feel is significant game related progress!

JavaScript and HTML5

I’ve taken a step back from ImpactJS for a bit to tidy up my mobile JS / Canvas game “engine/framework”. At the same time I’ve been redeveloping JHWMB for mobile Safari. I brought an early beta version with 8 levels to State Of Play 2012 in DIT and got some wonderful feedback on it from both other indie developers as well as gamers.

The aim is to focus my efforts into creating more levels as well as some other game modes for JHWMB by Easter. The dream would be to be able to license it to a game portal…and maybe porting it using the Corona SDK to iOS / Android.

Web Audio API

Now that iOS 6 has brought support for the Web Audio API I’ve dedicated a lot of time to generating audio (beeps and boops via my laptop speakers) but also looking at ways of playing audio in offline web games / applications. I used the Dublin Game Craft 2 jam to knock out some useful AudioManager-ish code. On the day I attempted to create a browser game where the player had to control 3 bouncing birds in order to reproduce a pattern of notes sung by another “prettier” bird at the top of a tree. Between some weird bugs and not taking enough breaks over the 12 hours I had a playable prototype but it was very very ropey.


I was a bit put off by Unity the first few time I tinkered with it. As a code monkey I didn’t feel comfortable with what felt like a “designer’s” interface. However I went to a Unity workshop in the Science Gallery given by Owen Harris of bitSmith Games and my mind has totally been changed. In the 2 hour workshop we created mountains, added water to make islands, dropped in prefabbed items, hooked them up to scripts, added audio and other interactive elements. I’m definitely going to pay closer attention to Unity for 2013.

I’m going to set up a proper domain and blog in 2013 and I’ll hopefully get into a better habit of regular posts with more technical details of what I’m doing. I’d also like to start hosting more of the games and prototypes I’ve been building.

I haven’t had a lot of free time lately but I’ve been plugging away at JHWMB when I have some spare time. Below are some screenshots from the current, early stages of development. I used for creating the masterpieces (:-P) you see before you.



Things have been very busy lately outside of any game dev I might be doing. I’m working on turning my Dublin Gamecraft prototype into a fully fledged game and I’ll do a full post on the 8 hour game jam event as well as what the hell “John Hammond Wants My Baby” is all about!

Here’s a quick video of JHWMB prototype from the day.


I worked out the other day that I listen to about 17 hours of podcasts a week (mostly on the bus). So I thought I’d share some of the game related ones that I listen to:

That quote is from Mark Twain…he’s so wrong. To succeed in life, you need two things: both of them are LASERS!

I’ve started on a new game prototype using the game engine (thanks Santa Claus!). I haven’t had lots of time to nerd up on all the ins and outs of Impact yet but what better way than a game project?

Before Christmas I had an idea about making a game where the player had to control two “things” to achieve a goal rather than just a single gun, a single car or a single plumber. I was also interested to find out if it would be possible to make a game that was both single and two player without changing the game itself. Since I got hooked on the on my iPod I wanted to make space shootery / arcade game. Space Invaders with 2 axes popped into my head.

So, what’s the big idea eh? Well the Player controls two lasers – one on the X axis and the other on the Y axis. Using the arrow keys (up and down for the Y axis, left and right for the X axis) the Player has to align the lasers so that they intersect on an Invader in order to blow it up. For the time being I’m focussed on creating a browser-based game but ideally I’m aiming to create an iPad based web game where the lasers are controlled via touch and to fire requires both lasers being tapped simultaneously. I figure an iPad game would also make it easier for two people to play the same game at the same time, each of them controlling a laser – we’ll see!

Everything is still very early in development, I have a lot more planned for the game play and there are some odd glitches in the video where the lasers don’t always appear! Below is a video of the current state of things:

Woohoo! Just broke 1000 views!

Funny that this happens while I’m recovering from eye surgery and can hardly see sh*t!


1000 and 1!

Ok, so I’m not swamped with visitors but it’s good going for a few forum posts here and there :)

I was reading up on the DeviceOrientation Events in the w3c spec – – and threw together a quick prototype of Breakout that uses the DeviceOrientation event (the left / right tilt of the event) to control the paddle.

I’m currently in the process of setting up proper hosting (using an old college account at the moment) but the prototype if you’d like to have a play here’s the link: TiltOut – Breakout Clone.

Note: It should work in both the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.


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